June 13, 2021

About Escambray


Escambray is the official newspaper of Sancti Spiritus, the fourth village founded in Cuba after Baracoa, Bayamo, and Trinidad.  

This paper, named after the most important range of mountains of the territory, was first released on January 4th, 1979 as a written daily, but was changed into a weekly in 1992.

Escambray joined the Internet on January 4th, 2000, along with an English version. It  provides reader with the most interesting updates from the region, but it also shares national and international information. It’s our motto not to fall behind and to function as the most worldwide of newspapers.

This provincial news publication has also gradually opened its path to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google plus and other social networks which have availed us to promote our work and to build up a community of followers.

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  1. Don Cuddy

    Yo soy el primo del Irlandes Sean Clancy. El trabajo en el esfuerzo para liberar Los Cinco.
    Quiero avisar que fallecio de repente en Cienfuegos el 18 de Abril. Tiene su hijo de 8 años en Trinidad..
    La mitad de Susan cenizas queda all’s. Lo demas en Ireland’s. Gracias.

  2. Lara Karoline Faria Santos

    I am a journalism student at Mackenzie University from Brazil and I am writing an article about the changes in Cuba with the new government. Could you answer some questions about this or indicate anyone that can help me? A journalist maybe. It would help me a lot! My email is lara.karoline.ismart@gmail.com.
    Thank you for the attention.



    Feliz 26 de julio 2019

    de Montreal, Canada


    Como puedo mandar una foto a Escambray


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