Experts Authenticate Fernandez Morera’s Portraits (+photos)

Gisselle Morales

“There is no doubt, the drawings are Fernandez Morera’s”, said Sancti Spiritus plastic art expert, Paula Betancourt Leon, after analyzing the pictures found by Carlos Alberto Puga hidden behind two framed paintings in his home living room.

The portraits of a mature man, and a nearly-40-year-old lady were discovered by chance, while restoration works were being carried out around the house.

“There are real chances that the portraits were indeed drawn by Oscar Fernández Morera, not only because the date on the back of the pictures coincides with the creative stage of the painter, but also because my family used to own originals by Morera, which were occasionally lent to the art gallery”, Puga Lopez had said to Escambray, before the beginning of the legitimization process.

The particular signature, the use of the crayon on cardboard technique, and the fact that there are no references of other local painter with such virtuosity from that time, were the facts taken into consideration by Betancourt León, to support the authenticity of the portraits.

Despite the pictures are in perfect conditions, Betancourt advised the owners to submit them to a restoration process in order to reduce the acidity and oxidation levels identified on the cardboard. She also recommended to keep them away from heat and sudden changes of temperature for the moment.

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