Sancti Spiritus Promotes Children’s Right Days

Dayamis Sotolongo

Although Cuban children and teenagers might be considered far from having their rights undermined, Sancti Spiritus and the rest of the island’s provinces hold the For a World of Rights days since last November 20 through the same day next year.

María Isabel Lugones, coordinator of the project in this central Cuban territory, told Escambray that these days are intended to mark the 13th anniversary of the project, so as to deepen into the Convention on the rights of children, thus helping local youth improve law culture.

Lectures have been scheduled in the 17 circles that exist in the province, as well as the extension of the community projects from Fomento and Yaguajay to other territories.

Lugones also said that students from local art schools, and other artists have been invited to use their skills to promote messages on the issue.


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