Sancti Spiritus Venue to Cuba’s Junior Baseball Championship

Olver Castro

From June 19th to 24th Sancti Spiritus is venue to the final stage of the Cuban Junior Baseball Championship, this time accompanied with rains and the need to propose a new scheduled for the coming confrontations.

From June 19th to 24th Sancti Spiritus is venue to the final stage of the Cuban Junior Baseball Championship. The games are to be held in the Jose Antonio Huelga Stadium, home to Roosters (local baseball team) and in some municipalities such as Cabaiguan, Jatibonico, Fomento, Trinidad and Taguasco.

In the technical meeting held Monday afternoon it was known that teams are to play a round-robin tournament in a single stage, and the team with most victories in the end will be declared winner.

Due to rains affecting the Cuban central province since Tuesday, a new calendar was proposed with games played always in the morning in two fields in Sancti Spiritus: the Jose Antonio Huelga Stadium, and the one by the EIDE (Sports Initiation School), as well as those planned for the municipalities.The tie break rule won’t be used in the current version.

The tourney scheduled began Tuesday with the confrontations between Granma and Camaguey (9:00 am in the Jose Antonio Huelga Stadium) and Matanzas and Santiago de Cuba in Cabaiguan, but they were called off due to rains, as well as the 1:00 pm confrontation between Sancti Spiritus and Havana, also in the locals’ headquarters.

After Havana, the local team was expected to face  Granma, Camaguey, Matanzas and Santiago de Cuba.

Sancti Spiritus manager is Irolando Ulloa, who heads a talented team with enough merits to go for victory on each encounter. His pitching staff is considered the best of the tourney, lead by Yosbel Gonzalez, Carlos Sierra, Aldo Conrado and Osvaldo Santiago, who performed for a 1, 50 ERA, second in the qualifying stage.

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