Fidel Castro Warns that World Peace Hangs by a Thread


The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro warned against the possibility of a US war against Iran, saying such event would be exclusively the result of the adventurism and congenital irresponsibility of the United States.In his most recent article entitled “World peace hangs by a thread”,  Fidel said that he is sure that Iran is not expected to take any rash actions that may lead to the outbreak of a war. “If a war inevitably breaks out, it will be the result of the adventurism and congenital irresponsibility of the Yankee empire,” he pointed out.

Fidel Castro also expressed his satisfaction over the meeting with Iran´s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his visit to Cuba on January 11; “he was completely quiet, peaceful and indifferent towards US threats,” recounted the Cuban leader.

Fidel said that Ahmadinejad trusts his nation’s capacity to face any foreign aggression and the effectiveness of the Iranian army.

However, Fidel Castro said that in his view the political situation created around Iran and the risk of a nuclear war that could come out of it is a very delicate issue since it threatens the very existence of the human species. (Taken from RHC).

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  1. In his usual all-comprehensive fashion, Comrade Fidel Castro warns of the dangers of nuclear war, which can obliterate the human civilisation. American aggressive foreign policy and its criminal wars of aggression in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan and its mobilising of propganda war against Iran with a view to prepare public opinion in favour of an attack on Iran show the real danger United States poses to the world. All peace-loving people and organisations should oppose the militaristic policies of the American Empire.

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