Gaza’s Reconstruction to Cost at Least $6 Billion


Finances for the reconstruction of Gaza will respond to a report on damages compiled by the Palestinian government. Destructions caused by Israel’s attacks in Gaza Strip left direct losses estimated today between four and six billion USD, according to preliminary result by Palestinian sources.

Many countries will arrange to meet in Norway on September, to coordinate the necessary donations to begin the reconstruction process in Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Ministry of Economy stated.

Finances for the reconstruction of Gaza will respond to a report on damages compiled by the Palestinian government, a document that remains unfinished because it includes a detailed inventory of the material damages caused for almost one month of attacks.

Residential blocks, schools, universities, hospitals and other buildings of the local infrastructure show severe damages, other constructions among them hundreds of civilians’ homes were reduced to dust and stone.

The only power generation plant of the area, bombed on July 29, was out of operations during the Israeli war conflict.

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  1. No one is born hating another person, because of the colour of their skin or their background or their religion. Children are born to be happy regardless of where they come from and despite the policies by their leaders. There will be new Hitlers, new Mussolins and the Leaders like we have today in the West. That is inevitable. What is not inevitable is that they will triumph. People will organise to fight back against the devastating toll. Only after this event in years to come, the rest of the world realise that what’s really happening today is the liquidation of Gaza. As today Israeli confirmed the plan to about invade Gaza.

    I will not stand by and do nothing…….In a thousand in a million we are all Palestinians. I feel that September will be too late and there been nothing left to rebuild as this is a extermination.

    The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but those who watch them without doing anything.

    1897 A European Jewish political movement, the Zionist movement, has for some years been seeking to secure a national home for the Jewish people. The Zionist conference of 1897 settles on Palestine, then part of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire.

    Around 1917 The Balfour Declaration: the British Government promises Lord Rothschild a ‘national home’ for Jews in Palestine, while upholding ‘the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities’. (At this time only 5% of the population is Jewish — 95% are Palestinian Arabs.)

    The following year 1918 After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Britain occupies Palestine and from 1918 to 1948 sponsors Jewish colonial immigration from Europe and the US.Britain crushes all Palestinian revolts.

    In 1948 After numerous terrorist attacks by Zionist militias, such as the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, Britain leaves, after handing the matter over to the UN, which assigns 55% of Palestine to the proposed state of Israel. At this time Jews constitute only 1/3 of the population and own only 6% of the land.

    1948–49 Israel kills 13,000 Palestinians and drives 750,000 from their towns and villages in the Nakba (‘Catastrophe’), ending up with 78% of historic Palestine. Descendents of these refugees live today in some 100 refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza. UN resolution 194 calls on Israel to allow the return of the refugees; the resolution is ignored. Over 400 Palestinian villages are subsequently razed to the ground. Then in 1967 Israel occupies the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip (the ‘Occupied Territories’) during the 6-day war with Egypt, bringing all of historical Palestine under Israeli rule. UN resolution 242 calls on Israel to withdraw from the territories. It fails to do so, and initiates a system of increasingly brutal military control over the territories.

    A lot happen before 1949 and after……………….

    “They bomb school. hospital, refugee camps, orphanages, UN Feeding stations, UN Schools, waters works, power plants, ambulances, children playing on a beach. They put millions of people in a siege. They shoot children going to school, They kidnap kids and harvest their organs. They inject prisoners with disease pathogens before releasing them. They murder by land sea and air. And worst of all, they slander their defenceless victims as “terrorists” ” these are not my words, but of David Attenborough when talking about Israelis.

    Gaza don’t you cry we will not let you die.

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