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Guayaberas from Gerardo and Fernando in Sancti Spiritus

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Sancti Spiritus Announces Selling of Custom-Made Guayaberas

El Artesano workshop was recently provided with up-to-date equipment. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray). El Artesano workshop, from Zaza del Medio, aims to conquer national and international market with the commercialization of guayabera shirts  »

Sancti Spiritus Museum Treasures 200 Guayaberas

The Guayabera House, once Quinta Santa Elena, held its first anniversary on June 25th.   »

Cuban Antiterrorist Fighters Hand over Guayaberas to Sancti Spiritus Heritage

Guayaberas owned by Cuban antiterrorist fighters Gerardo Hernandez and Fernando Gonzalez are to be handed over to Sancti Spiritus cultural heritage during the solemn Municipal Assembly of the People’s Power, specially called on the occasion of the 498th anniversary, this June 4th,  of Sancti Spiritus city.  »

Fidel’s Reflections: The Summit of the Guayaberas

Cuban Revolution leader, Fidel Castro Ruz, has defined the continental forum held in Colombia as the Summit of the Guayaberas, while he relates this fact to the origin of the garment in Sancti Spiritus, a central Cuban province.  »

Cuba: A Home for Guayaberas in Sancti Spiritus

Mainly aimed at saving the garment from forgetfulness, La Guayabera Sociocultural project was born in Sancti Spiritus in 2007. This undertaking, with no precedents in the island, has turned into a cultural  experience in the community.  »

New Guayaberas in Sancti Spiritus Museum

Sancti Spiritus Provincial General Museum recently received a white long-sleeve shirt from Jamaican essayist and professor Keith Ellis, one of the guests attending the international book event in this territory.  »

Sancti Spiritus Hosts Technology Fair La Guayabera 5.0

With the donation of four important guayaberas from renowned personalities, the Technology Fair Guayabera 5.0 was started this Thursday in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba  »


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Sancti Spiritus Receives Guayabera Shirt from Rene Gonzalez

The Hero of the Republic of Cuba, René González Sehwerert, donated a guayabera of his own to Sancti Spiritus According to Rene Gonzalez himself, this is the most valuable among his short sleeves guayaberas. (Photo: Lisandra Gómez)  »

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