Sancti Spíritus

Trinidad Made Handicrafts Recognized in Cuba, Abroad

by Mary Luz Borrego Díaz For the last decades, craft works originated in Trinidad, Cuba, have become renowned both in the island and abroad. Many of them have been granted prizes at Havana’s International Craftsmanship Fair (FIART), the most important art event in the country.»

Cultural Activities in Sancti Spiritus 497 Anniversary

by Enrique Ojito Linares The 497 foundation anniversary of the central Cuban city of Sancti Spiritus will be celebrated next June 2 through 5. Few days away from the celebration, local heritage authorities highlight the architectural and urban values of the city’s historic center.»

Exportation Products Increased in Sancti Spiritus

by Mary Luz BorregoSancti Spiritus products aimed at exportation in different markets have increased this year, mainly those of lobsters, fish, shrimp farm, tobacco, honey, charcoal and metal scrap. These items are highly prestigious in Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada, France, Chile, Germany and the Caribbean.»

Canary Island Government Official Visited Sancti Spiritus

by Pastor Guzmán Castro Deputy Minister of Immigration of the Government of the Canary Islands Guillermina Hernández Martín, visited Sancti Spiritus, where she met with some Canary islanders at the local headquarters of the Institute of Friendship with the People (ICAP).»

Cuba: Sancti Spiritus Celebrates World Asthma Day

by Donarys Cruz Cruz Cuba celebrated this May 3rd the World Asthma Day with a variety of scientific activities. Sancti Spiritus, a central province in the island, held workshops on the epidemiology of asthma accordingly with the slogan “You can control your asthma” and encouraged patients to participate actively in …»

Organ Donation: Death Inheritance

By Dayamis Sotolongo Rojas Even if a program for organs transplant and donation is already established in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, only kidney and cornea donations are made in the province, the latter being less frequent, carrying out only three as for 2011, which have benefitted four patients.»

Cuba: Nature and Tourism at Ancon Peninsula

As if hanging from a sort of appendix that pretends to be separated from the island’s map, the Ancon peninsula is both a valuable coastal ecosystem and the major tourism site in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus. The best beaches of the Cuban southern coast are said to …»

Cuba: Sancti Spiritus Cardiac Care Unit Keeps on Beating

By Dayamis Sotolongo Rojas Sancti Spiritus Cardiac Care Unit, located in the Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial Hospital and existing for only a decade in the Cuban central province, continues to grow up. Sleepless nights have translated into rewards: the number of pacemakers has increased; fatalities due to acute myocardial infarctions have …»