June 22, 2021

Camilo, You Are Everywhere

Several activities have been announced in Sancti Spíritus to mark the 60th anniversary of the Hero of Yaguajay’s passing

camilo cienfuegos monument in yaguajay, sancti spiritus, cuba
camilo cienfuegos monument in yaguajay, sancti spiritus, cuba
The Camilo Cienfuegos Historical Complex will be granted the status of National Monument
within the context of the commemoration. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

Sixty years after the death of Camilo Cienfuegos —the organizer of Las Villas North Front—, Sancti Spiritus will revere the Lord of the Vanguard (as he is known) with the traditional pilgrimage, the official announcement of the National Monument condition granted to the Camilo Cienfuegos Historic Complex, and the celebration of the 25th Regional Colloquium on his life.

As it is the tradition all over Cuba next October 28th thousands of people in this central Cuban province will throw flowers to rivers, streams and seas to honor the guerrilla fighter while, according to political authorities from that territory, the residents of Yaguajay will stage a march from the headquarters of the Municipal Committee of the Party to the monument erected to the hero.

The director of the Provincial Center of Cultural Heritage, Anait Gómez Hernández, informed that within the context of the commemorative activities, the Historical Complex will be granted the status of National Monument. The building is made up of a museum, a sculpture, a square, a mausoleum as well as other support areas.

Gerónimo Besánguiz Legarreta, director of the Complex, pointed out that on October 25th the XXV Regional Colloquium will be held. This annual event has generated a strong local movement in favor of the study of the work and thought of the also known as Hero of Yaguajay, which has also been extended to the Camilo Cienfuegos Military Schools in central Cuba, he added.

As an antecedent of the national contest on this historical figure which takes place at the end of every the year, the colloquium features a great convening power in local educational institutions and has greatly contributed to the enrichment of the documentary base of the Historic Complex’s Information Center, regarded as the most complete of its kind in Cuba.

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