UN Security Council Passes Resolution on Syria

Prensa Latina News Agency

The UN Security Council has passed a resolution that establishes the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons and recognizes the political solution to the conflict, but leaves the doors opened for implementing measures of force.

The 15 members of the UN Council approved the document on Friday evening, which calls for the prompt destruction of those weapons and states that any of the parties in conflict (the government and the insurgents) can use, produce, buy, store, or the transfer them.

The resolution is in accordance with June 2012 Geneva Communiqué, which refers to the establishment of a transitional government with full executive rights and the possibility of including members of the parties in conflict by consensus.

The document is also in favour of holding a second international conference on Syria, following the one held in Geneva in June 2012, in which participants are committed to achieve stability and reconciliation.

As one of the final points of 23 included in the resolution, the UN Security Council decided that in case of violations of the resolution, measures will be imposed by virtue of Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter.

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